KINA Officially Becomes An Australian Not For Profit Charity

On May 15, 2021 KINA, Keeping It Neutral Australia, was awarded it's Not For Profit status by the ACNC, Australia's governing body. This is a great day for the oceans and environment. This will enable KINA to accept donations to sponsor environmental clean-up and education. Donations can be tax deductible with the ATO.

The company was founded by Todd Cooper, Courtney Hutchins, James Balog, and Craig Vance. The goal is simple; stop ocean-bound plastic and toxic rubbish from reaching the ocean. Through community engagement, education and clean-up campaigns we can all make a huge impact on the environment.

"We are so proud and grateful to have this opportunity to give back to the environment and community by offering individuals and businesses an easy way to join a movement that makes a difference for the future of the natural world." said Todd Cooper about the granting of KINA's official NFP status.

KINA has just started and is already making a difference by sponsoring a beach clean up and environmental conservation and education retreat on K'gari (Fraser Island). This amazing program put together by Ocean Crusaders, Drop Bear Adventures, and Beachcamp Eco Retreat takes place over 2 weeks with opportunities for volunteers to get involved for the weekend. Volunteers will assist in the beach cleanups and attend environmental education and engagement tours around the island.

The funds are raised to make these types of cleanups possible through KINA's Plastic Offset Program and Plastic Neutral Certifications. By selling offsets there is 100% transparency with donations. One kilo of ocean-bound plastic and toxic rubbish is removed from the environment for each offset purchased.

The purchaser of the offsets knows that their money is having a direct impact. Individuals can be sure that their plastic footprint has been offset and they are living a plastic neutral life. Business owners feel good knowing that the company they have created and are so passionate about can confidently advertise it's plastic neutrality.

There are so many great things about this model.

1. Anyone or any business can easily make a difference for the environment.

2. Reducing our impact on the planet feels good for everyone.

3. Teaching people about environmental conservation and making it fun has a lasting impact.

4. Connecting communities and bringing people together.

5. Starting a movement based on respect and positivity.

6. Providing the resources for people and businesses that take action to protect the environment.

There are so many residual positive effects of making a commitment to do the right thing for the natural world. This movement will make the world a beautiful and enriching place where we can thrive together.

KINA is driven by it's Vision, Mission and Porpoise. Oops, I meant to say Purpose.

VISION – Empowering people & organisations to comfortably create a sustainable, plastic neutral lifestyle.

MISSION – The Plastic Offsets mission, is to optimistically create the awareness of our individual and collective plastic footprints. Equipped with this awareness you will then offset your footprint back to neutrality, with only a few clicks.

PURPOSE – For many years conservation has been caught in the divide between 2 worlds. The world of the environmentalist and the world of business. Meanwhile the average person or company has been patiently waiting to ‘pick a side’... Well what if, instead of picking sides we created an Unshakable Common-Unity between the 2. Welcome to Plastic Offsets!

Our purpose is to become the bridge that unites the strengths of both environmentalism and business, to form a Positively Sustainable Movement, that will change the face of conservation! Not only will this collapse the divide, it will also provide an opportunity for the average person and company alike, to Integrate conservation into their Identity. Plastics Offsets make this transition seamless, without immediately forcing people to change.

Through our mission to facilitate achieving ‘Plastic Neutrality’, we will continue to grow into an environmentally conscious society. This will create what we call ‘conscious conservation coherence’. In turn this will raise the Awareness of human kind and collectively Innovate conservation for our future!