KINA started on the beach at Burleigh Heads

In February of 2020, Todd was out surfing and his leash broke. Whilst swimming back to the beach, he was watching his board about to wash up on the rocks. Luckily, James and Craig saw this and grabbed the board before it went on the rocks. Back on the beach the three met and started chatting. It turned out they all had one thing in common, they all wanted their businesses to be plastic neutral. They then spoke to Courtney, Bec and Sevy who also agreed that their businesses need to be neutral. So they formed KINA to make it easy for any business or individual to be plastic neutral and contribute to the cleanup of our waterways. When people purchase plastic offsets they know exactly how much of a positive impact they are having.

Keeping It Neutral Australia (KINA) helps you create change! 

We have all experienced a glimpse of the culminating plastic on our unique shorelines, and the damage this causes to our fragile and precious environment, however after delving into the KINA project, we abruptly realised that this issue is far more extreme that we could have ever imagined

KINA’s purpose is to raise funds and sponsor local organisations to facilitate the extraction of plastic from our oceans, waterways, and shorelines, whilst offsetting the carbon footprint in doing so.

Plastic Offset Program

You can live a plastic neutral lifestyle by removing as much plastic and toxic rubbish from the environment as you consume. When you purchase a plastic offset from KINA, we remove one kilo of ocean-bound plastic and toxic rubbish from the environment. We go a step further and plant a tree for each offset to offset the inevitable carbon footprint associated with the plastic removal. We partner with environmental clean-up experts and tree planting organisations.


Todd Cooper

During his 15 years as a CEO of multiple companies, he has tried his best to offer plastic free packaging. Using glass jars and metal lids is always preferred. There's inevitably plastic involved in the process. For example, the glass jars will arrive at the factory on a pallet wrapped in plastic.

In looking for a solution to the problem he realized that offsetting plastic use is the best way to go plastic neutral. If the average person uses 58 kilos of plastic per year, directly or indirectly, then all you have to do is remove 58 kilos of ocean-bound plastic per year from the environment. That's it, you have taken out as much as you put in.

Using his skills and knowledge from running many businesses in a variety of sectors, he launched KINA, with the help of the rest of the team.

Courtney Hutchins

Courtney has over 10+ years experience in public practice accountancy and Australian and International Taxation. Having founded and run a not-for-profit for 7 years, she brings a wealth of knowledge in the NFP and technical accounting space. 

Her background stems from her in-depth experience having been involved in premium boutique accounting practices at an ASX listed company. Over the span of her career she has gained many technical qualifications, namely, Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (CA), Licensed Tax Practitioner under the TPB.

Courtney has a passion for a sustainable future and a venture in consulting with fashion and lifestyle e-commerce brands. She joined KINA to create a solution based program that could help drastically change the Fashion Industry’s over-consumption of plastic and carbon. 

Severiano Zatta

While gainfully employed in various financial arenas across the world, from Multi-National companies in London to boutique Financial Planning firms in Australia, Sevy has acquired an essential directorial skill set to lead the financial arm of KINA.

He brings with him a history of management, entrepreneurial spirit, Bachelor of Business (BBus), Diploma of Financial Planning (DFP), Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) approved, Practitioner Member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), and currently completing a Master’s degree of Finance (MFin) with Honours from Griffith University.

With his love for nature and being outdoors, Sevy joined the Board of KINA Non-For-Profit organisation to financially orchestrate subscriptions to effectively extract plastic from our oceans and waterways, as well as offsetting the carbon footprint in doing so to ensure a completely neutral process of cleaning up our planet.

James Balog

James is the Co-Founder of 2 Minds Project, one of Australia's fastest⁣
growing coaching companies.⁣

Over the past decade James has spoken in front of over 100,000 people,⁣ in the marine ecology space as well as most recently, personal development and business.

His experience as a boat captain and time spent on the reefs outside of Port Douglas is invaluable to understanding our relationship with the ocean. He knows firsthand how to educate and inspire people from all walks of life about all things ocean.

Hannah Turner

Hannah has worked with multiple Not-For-Profit organisations. She is dedicated to a life of environmental conservation in order to make the world a better place for all living things and future generations to enjoy.

Hannah brings her experience in digital marketing and fundraising to help KINA reach as many people as possible and inspire a positive impact on our oceans and environment. She believes in the power of the conscious consumer and the positive effects individuals can have with their choices.

With her enthusiastic positivity and determination to make the world a better place, Hannah uses her diverse skill set to bring people from all walks of life together and help build this amazing movement.

Craig Vance

Craig is the Co-Founder of 2 Minds Project, one of Australia's fastest⁣⁣ growing coaching companies.⁣⁣⁣
Acquiring more then 10 years of experience working with and developing systems, software and technologies both within the civilian sector and the Royal Australian Navy he has been an integral part in developing the massive mission of 2 Minds Project. ⁣
Now Craig works with 2 Minds Clients to assist in automating business and systems so that more people can create a platform to share their message with the world! All of which connects directly to the 2 Minds Project mission - To create planetary symbiosis through the integration of technology and the environment. ⁣