What Are Plastic Offsets?

To keep it simple, if you are removing as much plastic from the environment as you are using, then you are plastic neutral. As we all know by now, we are all using too much plastic and our oceans are suffering due to the lack of recycling resources and facilities available as well as the lack of incentives for for organisations to opt for recycled plastics or plastic alternatives instead of making new plastics. Luckily not 100% of the plastic you use in daily life will end up in the ocean. Even if it did, individuals and organisations that are plastic neutral rest easy knowing that they have removed as much plastic from nature as they potentially have added to the environment.

Not everyone has the time or resources to physically scoop up all of that plastic themselves. Fortunately there are organisations that do just that. Their are eco-warriors out there who have the know-how and spend their time, money and resources doing just that, cleaning up our precious waterways.

Plastic offsets are the link between the everyday person, household, or business and the activists on the front-lines educating the communities and cleaning up the environment. Purchasing a plastic offset for yourself, your household, or your business directly results in preventing plastic from making it to the ocean.

Plastic offsets are very similar to Carbon Offsets, only for plastic usage instead of carbon emissions. Like our carbon footprint, we all have a plastic footprint and purchasing a plastic offset takes your plastic footprint to zero.

A person or business' plastic footprint is the amount of plastic that is produced as a result of their consumption habits. This will vary from person to person, however, there is a certain amount of plastic that is indirectly used when we go about our day to day lives. Everyone has a plastic footprint, much of which is out of our control. Read our blog about calculating your plastic footprint to find out more. It's easy to estimate your personal plastic footprint!

Determining the plastic footprint of a business can be more challenging. If you are a business owner interested in going plastic neutral, please contact our team directly at We can help you determine your plastic footprint and work out a subscription plan that will make your business plastic neutral. Then you can display our plastic neutral logo on your packaging and website.

The KINA Plastic Offset Program is the best way to purchase plastic offsets. It is both super easy and transparent. One offset equals one kilo of plastic and toxic rubbish removed from the environment. Once you know your plastic footprint, then all you have to do is choose an offset option. Most people choose the subscription option so each month they are offsetting their monthly plastic use for ongoing sustainability.

Another great and unique thing about the KINA Plastic Offset Program is that one tree is planted for each offset to neutralise the carbon usage of the clean-up process. Just another reason KINA means Keeping It Neutral Australia.

It's a win-win-win situation.

Win #1 - It's easy to feel guilt-free about plastic consumption, much of which is out of our control.

Win #2 - The people dedicating their lives to environmental conservation get the resources they need.

Win #3 - Clean and healthy oceans and ecosystems!

Obviously we all want to reduce our overall plastic consumption. KINA is also involved in community education to teach people and businesses how to be more plastic conscious. Anything we can do to reduce the amount of plastic produced is an amazing step in the right direction.

Keeping the plastic we produce and use out of the environment in the first place is good for everyone. That is why KINA works with local and regional councils to promote plastic recycling education and resources.

We are all in this together so let's work as a team to make Australia and the world an even more beautiful place than it already is!